RandoMorn: Reaching out

I was thinking about last sunday’s sermon message about mission and purpose. It reminded me of how much of my day to day thoughts revolved solely around the here and now rather than the coming judgement and the eternal life to come.

The speaker, Dr Kyuboem Lee, spoke of incarnational ministry. He reminded us that God did not just write out a message on paper or a messenger in the form of a prophet. He sent a person, His son, Jesus. So our church too, is called to not just hand out pamphlets, but we all also called to be a light and presence in our neighborhoods and wherever God has placed us.

The call to spread the gospel is not just to missionaries and pastors. It is to every believer. So then, there are but two options who claim Jesus as Lord and Savior, obedience or disobedience. Choose this day which you shall serve.

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